Dogge Doggelito Tattoos A5-ark

98.00 kr.

Our temporary tattoo sheets are 20X14 cm in size and filled with the design pictured. We print and ship your order within 24 hours!

Like ink proudly presents a collaboration with Douglas Leon better known as Dogge or Dogge Doggelito

The sheet is filled with logos and symbols that Dogge has collected over the years, including The Latin King’s new logo, Norra Botkyrka flag, Dogge’s Bar and other logos.

Dogge is best known as a rapper and frontman in the Swedish hip-hop group The Latin Kings.
In addition to The Latin Kings, Dogge has created a lot of his own music and has been involved in many other music projects and public contexts. Dogge’s texts often deal with social problems from the perspective of everyday life, such as racism and life in the suburbs, especially in Norra Botkyrka.

We at Like ink are super excited about the collaboration and being able to help all Doggelito fans with fake tattoos before concerts with Dogge or as a present for his Hip hop fans.

The hip-hop pioneers The Latin Kings are also reunited and will go on tour in Sweden in 2022 and 2023. We will see the original members Dogge Doggelito, Rigo Topaz (Rodde), Azzan Jaxx and TITO on the tour and TLK will offer both their classic hits and new songs, it’s going to be a great show.

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