Flash “Mix Sheet” by Zoi Tattoo

98.00 kr.

Like Ink’s ready-to-use sheets with fake tattoos are approximately 20×14 cm in size and filled with the design you see in the picture. We print and ship your sheet with these stylish tattoos within 24 hours after you have ordered. The tattoos look good, are of high quality, and are easy to apply and wash off. Like Ink complies with all legislation for cosmetic products in the EU, so you can feel safe when ordering fake tattoos from us.

At Like Ink, we collaborate with several of Zoi Tattoo’s artists, and this sheet is a mix of unique designs created by four different tattoo artists, Kain, Oliver, Dominic, and Nicklas.

Zoi Tattoo in Malmö is a tattoo studio consisting of its own team of 15 experienced tattoo artists. Everyone has their own unique style, so regardless of your preferences in style and design, Zoi has a tattoo artist who can help you create your dream tattoo! In addition, Zoi is visited by famous guest artists / tattoo artists from all over the world.

Order fake tattoos designed by some of the tattoo artists at Zoi Tattoo

Real Tattoo Artists Designing Fake Tattoos for Like Ink
In the world of body art, the collaboration between real tattoo artists and Like Ink is revolutionizing the industry by creating high-quality, temporary tattoos for those who aren’t ready for a permanent commitment.
The collaboration with these talented professionals allows Like Ink to offer an extensive range of intricate, eye-catching designs that mirror the quality and artistry of real tattoos.

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