Flash “Spooky Tattoos” by Wimans Tattoo

98.00 kr.

Our finished disposable sheets with fake tattoos are approximately 20×15 cm large and filled with the design you see in the picture.o ensure your satisfaction, we will print and send the sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered. This sheet is designed by the talented tattoo artist Jake at Wimans Tattoo.

This is Jake: I’m a second generation tattooer that’s been running a business since 2010. But I’ve grown up in and around a tattoo shop. I’ve recently just moved from Malmö where I’ve worked for the past five years. I’m coming home to my home town, Karlshamn to start a new tattoo shop!
Throughout the years I’ve travelled the world to attend conventions and to do guest spots. I’ve won a few tattoo competitions, seen some beautiful places, had a little too much wine on occasions, shared some delicious food but most importantly had a lot of fun meeting all the beautiful people of the industry.
I hope you enjoy my artwork! They’re a selection of all sketches that have become tattoos that I’ve made on people through the years!

Jacob Wiman

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Wimans Tattoo


Norra Fogdelyckegatan 33, 374 38 Karlshamn

Hemsida: www.wimanstattoo.com